Letters of interest can be used to pique the interest of a potential employer, who may have need of your services. They are often used by independent contractors looking to develop a business relationship with a client, though they can also be used by applicants to open, full time positions within the company itself. When writing these documents, it is important to keep a conversational tone so that you can show personality without resorting to an over the top approach. Remember, it is potential business or a potential long term professionalism. You must still be professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t interject pieces of your personality into the mix.

With letters of interest, you should start with the company itself. It is important to research what they do heavily. A sure sign of spam is one in which a person receives a letter of interest soliciting business, but there are no specifics written about the company. When the letter could be sent to any business from any sector, there is a real problem, and response rates will be incredibly low. The better approach is to do a little digging. Visit the company site. Check out any News items online that may have involved the company. Try to find ways to connect their specialization to what you’ve done, or are already doing.

Letters of interest depend on one making a strong case for a working relationship or a full time position as well. While you should only keep these to about a page in length, it is important that you get across the fact that you have the training, education, and work experience to add to the company’s success. How can you both grow from a working relationship? Why is it important that the company picks you over the potentially hundreds of other applicants they will meet? Be prepared to make your case, but be economical with your words.

Examples.net has a variety of tips for you to follow when crafting your letters of interest. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get your consulting business off the ground, or you simply want XYZ Company to know that you are the next big thing in their industry. It’s important that you put your best words forward. Examples.net can show you how to do that by connecting you with letters of interest that were written with true success in mind, and that actually got results. Those who get the good jobs are not necessarily the brightest or smartest. But they do have confidence, and they do know how to use their connections to establish opportunities for themselves. Your letter of interest is just one of the ways that you can do this very thing.