Finding your dream job is a highly competitive endeavor because, no matter how unique you think your dream job is, there are millions of others out there, who want a crack at it, too. The way that you present yourself when stepping out and taking charge of your professional future is important, especially as it relates to an application letter. While it may seem redundant if you are providing a resume and filling out an application anyway, this can be a make or break part of the application package.

Application letter examples can help you maintain a clear focus so that you can say the important things you need to say as an applicant without straying off in other directions or getting too long winded. Most application letter examples will reveal that you should keep the words to a minimum. Don’t eat up valuable time talking about mundane things. Tell them who you are, why you’re here, and what makes you deserve the job more than any other candidate. Careers are competitive, and if you’re too timid or apologetic for “wasting their time,” then you will quickly end up forgotten.

That’s not to say you have to be bold or flashy. You don’t. The best application letter examples out there are ones written by people, who simply stated their case and backed it up with relevant credentials while detailing what they could bring to the company as a result. What your application letter sounds like will vary greatly depending on the business sector and your level of expertise. It is important for your own sake to focus on the jobs available that you can actually do. It will make crafting the letter itself that much easier.

Typical application letter examples may sound something like this: Dear XYZ Company (try to get an actual person’s name relevant to the hiring position): I’m writing to express my interest in the freelance writer position. As a full time writer my credits include,, and My clips demonstrate experience with search engine optimization, community journalism, and global link bait pieces, samples of which are attached. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and please let me know how I may be of service to you and your company. I anticipate being able to discuss this position with you further. <Insert closing>.” provides additional tips and commentary for writing different types of letters along with application letter examples, such as business letters and personal letters. Here at we realize how important communication can be in the world of business. Put their resources to work for you, and you will see a world of endless possibilities open up for your career.